Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

by Darrell
(Conyers, Ga.)

On Sept. 3,2008, my wife received a second scan report that informed us that there is no sign of Cancer. Another scan is to be taken late Nov. early Dec. in 2008. Kay was diagnosed in late June, 2007 and treated with Gencinabide?, the timor doubled in size. In Feb. 2008, We discovered Essiac Tea,treatment began 2/18/08. Late May, a PET scan showed no Cancer, however, the doctor almost insisted on Radiation treatment. After 33 treatments, still No Cancer, but now she's a diabetic because her pancreas was harmed in my estimation. We the uneducated do not know enough about medicine to take everything at face value. In May, the PET showed no Cancer but no one would admit it was because of Essiac Tea, even though the 3x5 tumor showed no actyivity. After the Radiation, still no activity. What did the Radiation do; the Cancer is still in remission,If it is still in her body. The PET in May showed NO CANCER> Thank you Brian and Gina P.S. I won't be asking for a refund. GOD KEEP BLESSING YA'LL

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