Information on essiac and FAQs

Here is some further information on essiac to help answer your Frequently Asked Questions("FAQs")

“What is essiac?”

Essiac is an herbal formula tea (actually a "tisane") made from eight powdered herbs - blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkish rhubarb root, and watercress. The herbs are grown organically, powdered, and mixed according to the Rene Caisse formula given to Dr. Charles Brusch and passed on to the Paulhus family. The powdered mix is then brewed into a tea-like liquid and taken orally, usually on a daily basis.

“Is essiac safe for me to use?”

Unlike most traditional cancer treatments, the current information on essiac has shown no known side effects. Sometimes, when people first take it they experience mild nausea or slight diarrhea. This is mostly due to the body being somewhat detoxified upon initial use of essiac. Generally, the nausea can be relieved by simply reducing the dosage until the feeling disappears. The essiac dosage may then be gradually increased as tolerated.

Our essiac blend is manufactured solely from quality organic, pesticide-free herbs, and is mixed and packaged just before it is shipped, ensuring its freshness and efficacy. Our formula contains no chemicals or additives. Each batch is carefully measured and mixed, to ensure consistent quality.

“Why would I want to take essiac?”

Most people take essiac (in an aggressive dose) as an alternative (complementary or supplementary) treatment to conventional cancer treatment. Some take it because they have studied the available information on essiac, and believe it reduces the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation. The decision on whether to combine essiac use with traditional treatments is up to each individual and their health care provider. There is no evidence that essiac interferes with other pharmaceutical or natural treatments. In many cases, essiac seems to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and can complement other natural remedies. Please inform your health care provider if you decide to use essiac (or anything else) as a supplemental treatment.

Some people mainly take essiac (in a maintenance dose) as a daily supplement to promote general overall well-being, or as a preventive measure against many forms of disease, possibly due to its immune system-enhancing properties. As the owners of this site we count ourselves among those who do so.

Many people give essiac to their pets, believing it reduces the agony of arthritis and extends the life (and/or improves the quality of life) of pets with terminal cancer and other ailments. See our "essiac for pets" page for more details.

"What does essiac taste like?"

Click here to go to our "taste of essiac" page. (It's definitely not your average "cup of tea"!)

“Isn’t all essiac the same?”

Although many of the formulas that claim to be "essiac" are similar, they are NOT all the same. False claims, negative advertising, and misleading information on essiac about which is the "true/original" formula, along with insanely different pricing and packaging structures, have made it hard for consumers to know what they are buying.

Also, products called “essiac” in the following forms are not believed to be as effective as our eight-herb formula:

*Pills or capsules (like those sold by NOW!)

*Tea bags (also sold by NOW!)

*Pre-brewed and bottled liquids (again, sold by NOW--so as you can see not many of the products they promote are actually effective, in our estimation. Pre-brewed tea is also sold under the names Praxea, Just Tea, etc.)

*Four-herb formulas (like those sold by Blessed Herbs, Ojibwa Tea, and others.) Please note that we are not implying four-herb essiac is useless. It has worked for many. We firmly believe, however, that the eight-herb blend may be more effective .

We only sell the original eight-herb formula tested by Dr. Brusch in his Boston clinic, after he was given this recipe by Rene M. Caisse. We believe this is the most effective formula available today, and our manufacturer has had great success with this formula over the past fifteen years. We believe this because our customers tell us this, over and over. We do not sell a product that is inferior, "cheap" or counterfeit in any way, no matter what other companies who enjoy overcharging their customers for their product would have you believe.

If you have any other questions or concerns at any time, simply call us toll-free at 1-866-ESSIAC1 (377-4221). We can also be reached at 1-978-504-9517. (formerly is also a wonderful resource for more information on essiac and related products. They state clearly on their website: All herbal products based on Rene Caisse's formula are officially regarded as Essiac by the FDA and FTC, regardless of trademark, product name, or country of origin.