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Essiac tea testimonial #1:

Two years ago I developed what first appeared to be a wart on my nose. It grew bigger and uglier over then next month. A dermatologist diagnosed it as first stage cancer. She wanted to cut a piece of my nose off. I decided to look into other possibilities.

I took essiac and after several weeks (just as I was beginning to think it didn't work) the "wart" started to appear dry and crusty. Two days later it simply fell off, no scar, no reoccurrence ...nothing. I also found that the brain tumor surgery-related tinnitus (ringing in the ear) that I'd had for over a dozen years had also disappeared. That seemed to back up many of the anecdotal reports I'd read and heard. So I started my mother on it.

Her doctor had told her that her age-related tinnitus was untreatable and that she'd soon go deaf. Several days after drinking essiac tea she called to let me know her tinnitus had completely disappeared, it hasn't returned since (a year later).

I'm NOT selling this stuff, and I don't think anything is a magic bullet for everyone, but just about any protocol for cancer I've read that embraces "alternative" solutions usually includes essiac tea (unless it's contraindicated with specific treatments like Cantron/Cancell).

There's an excellent book on essiac called The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas (published by the Alternative Treatment Network, Los Angeles, CA (1993). It backs up what I'd read in other sources that JFK's physician had publicly announced that essiac cured his colon cancer in the early 60s.—B. A.


Essiac tea testimonial #2:

I was hospitalized last year for Lymphoma. I was so ill chances of survival were slim. The doctors had to remove my spleen, for they could not save it from the disease.

I heard about essiac tea. I had nothing to lose at this point. I had a friend bring it in to the Hospital where I was at. The remarkable difference the tea made, made me a true believer in it.

It has been 6 months since I first took my first drink from it and to this day I am still drinking it daily. I have not missed a day. Now 6 months have passed and the Doctors say they got 99% of the disease. There is still 1% left, but from the day I was diagnosed, I could not be any happier. They say it is incurable, but If I can get it in remission that is good enough for me.

Thank you essiac tea and to all my friends that stood by me in the hospital and are still with me today fighting this disease…. This is not an easy disease to swallow but stick in there. There is hope.

Thank you for the time to have let me share my feelings. Thank you essiac tea.—Doris, Washington State


Essiac tea testimonial #3:

After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s in 1998, my husband was told there was very little hope of his cancer going into remission let alone a cure. After six months the lumps came back after the 1st round, then another 6 months of the strongest he could get…

He has been drinking the tea now and has had no lumps return, blood tests and x-rays reveal nothing returning-- it is worth a shot!—Terri, USA


Essiac tea testimonial #4:

My dad (age 74) and father in law (age 75) are both drinking this tea for prostate cancer and heart problems, both were amazed at the immediate difference in how they felt. Both have more energy and feel 100 % better while drinking this tea.

This tea will clean the toxins from your body and as my father in law says, you will feel 20 years younger. If you love someone who is in bad health, buy it for them. It is not just for cancer, but has been proven to help many ailments.--Darlene, TN


Essiac tea testimonial #5:

I've owned a health food store since I was 19 and do know many things about chemo and its side effects. There is a herbal based formula called essiac used to treat cancer and I've had hundreds of clients use it for treating cancer both with other medical treatments such as chemo and radiation and also without. Those that use the product while undergoing chemo have reported a drastic drop in side effects, such as nausea, vomiting and most important for some people (mostly women) the hair loss. -Dedrah


Breast Cancer Testimonial (#6):

There came a quick rapping at my door. It was the postman delivering a certified letter. With my hand shaking and my heart beating a mile a minute, I reached for the letter. My eyes riveted on the return address for a clue as to where it came from, I recognized the name of the surgeon's office where I had recently gone to get my breasts examined.

At the time of the examination, the doctor had suggested that I set a date for surgery before leaving the office. I had done that. But, having second thoughts, I had phoned and canceled the appointment.

I ripped open the letter and read: "I am certain that you understood when I explained my concern to you. The radiologist in my office stated that there is a large mass in the left breast which is different from the other tissue. It is recommended that the mass be excised."

The letter went on to say that I needed to phone and reschedule an appointment for surgery. It was signed by the doctor. I was petrified, but for some inexplicable reason I was in no hurry to have surgery.

For several months, I had been feeling a fullness in my right breast, and both breasts were sore to the touch. When I had gone for my regular mammogram, the technician told me I wouldn't be getting the results until the end of the week, in spite of the fact that the radiologist read the x-rays in the morning. I knew I was going to be on edge every time the phone rang.

I went for my annual gynecological check up. The doctor said my right breast should be checked by a surgeon. It felt denser than it had the previous year. I was given the names of several surgeons whom I might call.

My husband drove me about fifty miles from our home to see a doctor I had chosen from the list. The doctor and an assistant examined me. The examination was painful due to the pressure they put on my breasts. They were trying to see if any fluid would come out. It didn't.

My complaint had actually begun with the right breast, but the in-house radiologist studied the mammograms I had brought with me and decided that it was actually the left breast that was showing a change. The doctor described what I had as a large mass, and he recommended that I have a lumpectomy per-formed on my left breast. I was smiling and joking while the doctor explained it to me. The doctor, however, did not smile. That led me to conclude this was serious business.

At first, I felt happy about the idea of getting rid of a big lump. Then the doctor mentioned that scar tissue would probably form where the lump was excised, and that the removal would not prevent another lump from growing in the same place. I thought to myself, "Surgery seems to be a no-win situation."

I was told I needed to cut out caffeine, take vitamin E, and start taking oil of primrose on a daily basis. I could buy what I needed at a health food store. It was also suggested I discontinue hormone replacement therapy.

I was alarmed when the doctor suggested that I might have to be placed on a male hormone to get rid of the pain. The last thing I wanted for myself was to look masculine. I pictured hair growing on my face. I thought to myself that I would rather be dead than turn into a freak.

The next day, my husband drove me to a nearby health food store to buy the vitamin E and other items I needed. We ran into a woman who had helped him with some health problems he had once had. She told us about essiac tea. She said many people had come into the store asking for it, and that they had had wonderful results. She was so enthusiastic about it that I thought to myself, "I can try it, and go under the knife later, if I decide to.

Early the next morning, I started on the program of drinking essiac tea. It was to be consumed on an empty stomach once in the morning and again before I went to sleep. The tea had been used in Canada to cure cancer. I didn't know for sure that I had cancer, but the doctor had described what I had as a large mass. Essiac tea had been used by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients from 1920 until her death in 1978. The treatment brought remissions to hundreds of documented cases, and the tea came within three' votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament in 1938. The tea had the support of many prominent physicians, including a well-known doctor in the United States by the name of Dr. Charles Brusch. He is known for the prestigious Brusch Medical Center and for treating President Kennedy. He claimed a personal cure for cancer in his lower abdomen using the tea.

The main ingredients of essiac tea are burdock root, turkey rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm bark. In 1966, two Hungarian scientists reported "considerable anti-tumor activity with the burdock root. In 1984, Japanese scientists discovered the mixture to be capable of reducing cell mutation. The Japanese named the new property they found in burdock root "the B-factor," for burdock factor. Essiac tea apparently breaks down modular masses to more normal tissue, while greatly alleviating pain.

Rene Caisse claimed that the tea reduced tumor growth and that the other herbs acted as blood purifiers, carrying destroyed tissue as well as infections thrown off by the malignancy out of the body. It was observed that the tea also strengthened the body's defense mechanisms, enabling normal cells to destroy abnormal ones as nature intended. If a tumor did not disappear, at least it could be regressed, then surgically removed after six to eight essiac treatments.

Yes, I believed I would take a chance on the tea, and go under the knife later, if I decided to.

The next morning, I awakened when it was still dark outside and I ingested the tea on an empty stomach. After breakfast, I took vitamin E, oil of primrose, and some multiple vitamins. During the day, I took vitamin C. There are orange groves near where we live, and my husband began making fresh orange juice every morning. At night, before I went to sleep, I ingested essiac tea on an empty stomach. This regimen went on for six weeks.

During the treatment, a feeling of confidence came over me. I realized that I was no longer afraid about my breast. I put off calling the surgeon's office to reschedule the surgery. I had peace about doing this.

After taking the tea for six weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my breasts. The pain I had experienced had disappeared one week after I had begun taking the tea. I also noticed the breast tissue seemed softer and more supple. This was more the way breast tissue is supposed to feel. Before taking the tea, my breast had felt dense, lumpy, and hard. I hadn't been able to lie on my stomach because of the pain. After the treatment, I definitely noticed an improvement.

There was only one side effect with the tea: a constant itchy feeling on my arms and other parts of my body. I stopped taking the tea for two weeks, then took it again for six weeks. I again stopped for two weeks and then did another six weeks. I had peace about my breasts. I went on with my life and forgot about it until it was time once again for my annual mammogram.

The week after the mammogram, an envelope came in the mail. I opened the envelope and read: "We have reviewed the radiologist's report of your recent mammogram. There is no evidence of malignancy, and although this does not guarantee that there is no cancer, it is reassuring."

My heart leapt with joy, but I still wanted to make sure. I got on the phone and requested the radiologist's report. When it came, I read the words: "No definite dominant mass or speculated density is identified." This was evidence that my breast tissue had improved since my last mammogram.

I had good reason to rejoice.—K.Haynes


Essiac Tea Testimonial #7:

I have a testimony to tell as a result of using your essiac tea. My girlfriend in Georgia informed me of this tea after I told her I was diagnosed with thynoma. I got on the tea before it was time for chemo, and was on the tea for 8 weeks and had 2 rounds of chemo. My immune system never dropped, never lost my appetite, no nausea or vomiting and today I got my CAT scan results back. The doctor was astounded at the results. He said this was miraculous, and this made his Christmas. I said not just my Christmas, this made his year, not knowing I was taking the tea., I just didn't let him know. Feel free to call me on my cell, 786-315-6989.--Jeanette Young

Taking the tea may ease your pain.

Taking the tea may extend your life.

Taking the tea should give quality of life even if it does not offer full recovery.

Taking the tea might help you fully and permanently recover.

Whatever level you go to, it will usually be a vast improvement on the other options and mean you will probably not need hospitalization at any stage. --Darren Dixon

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Here's another:

by Aaron K. Wynn-Hinman

In 1994, my mother, Audrey, was diagnosed with systemic (metastasized) cancer. Metastasis is "the transfer of disease or malignancy from one part of the body to another through the blood stream." Simply put, cancer cells were floating freely in her blood, able to attach and multiply anywhere in her body. She had over a dozen tumors, at least five of which were malignant. Some were even palpable beneath her skin. By far the worst of them was in her ileum, part of the lower intestine. As a result of this tumor, she bled on an almost constant basis from the inside. She had a prognosis of 2-6 months.

About three and a half weeks after my mother had begun using essiac, she and Michael went back to see Steve, the herbalist, about buying more herbs. Steve quizzed them about any effects that the tea had had. In three weeks of treatment, my mother had ceased passing blood entirely. The lumps under her skin were becoming noticeably smaller, and she had more energy.

She maintained her dosage for five months. The next time that she went to a doctor's office to get a panel of tests run was about seven months after beginning treatment with essiac. No trace of cancer was found, and in four tests done over the last year and a half, it has remained thus.

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