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It Comes From My Heart
May Peace and Light Guide Your Way!
Our Experience with Essiac

Dear Lisa,
I am a satisfied client of essiac tea and am determined to continue taking it. My story is very long. To make it short and useful for other people, let me tell you that I had breast cancer in 2003 and it was advanced. It was located in two places in my left breast and had already reached the lymph nodes. I had chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy.

In May last year, the cancer came back, this time in my liver. I was devastated and full of fears of dying. My oncologist immediately put me on a new long term chemotherapy treatment and I tried to keep working as I had done the first time I had cancer. Suddendly, I realized that this time my body was much weaker and tired. My psychological attitude was also less optimistic and I was losing confidence in the treatment and in my capacity to heal.

A friend of mine started encouraging me to read web sites and testimonials of people who healed themselves with alternative medecine. It was surfing that I discovered your site and the essiac tea which became my daily companion. I have been taking the aggressive dose, following your instructions, three times a day during my whole chemotherapy treatment. Now I finished the clinical treatment and have been without chemotherapy for more than five weeks. I have kept taking the tea, diminishing the dose to one cup a day, and my blood tests and scanners have shown that cancer is dying.

My doctor had intended to start a new localized treament on the liver which I feared, but in front of the results, he has decided to call it off . Now he gave me a new appointment for the end of August because he said he wants to be really sure that I am doing fine, but I feel that I will be.

I believe that essiac tea has been one strong reason for my recovery. I have also stopped working and dedicated my entire time to heal. This time, I spent every day doing relaxation exercises, deep breathing and making serious decisions to be well, love my body and life, and gain new energy through being creative. I went back to paint and write. Thanks my new daily rhythm, I was able to respect the timing for taking essiac tea, which is two hours after eating, three times a day.

Following this regular discipline has also helped me abandon stressing and toxic habits and remember that my body needs special attentions. I have learned, through this experience, to live with passion and to find peace.

This new awareness has become like a second skin. One year from now, I will be celebrating my radiant health with people I love. Essiac tea will be my guest.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story with you.

Loretta R, Paris,France

Dear Lisa (Essiac Tea),
Appreciate the opportunity to tell you how pleased, thankful and optimistic I am since using essiac tea for my "baby". Since she was diagnosed with Insulinoma (malignant pancreatic cancer) I have been administering essiac tea in Molly's food. Molly is a 13 year old West Highland White Terrier and the joy of my life. I was told by several vets that she would not live more than a month or two; that was nearly six months ago. She is doing remarkably well. Has more energy, a great appetite and started chasing squirrels again. Most amazing was the total disappearance of a growth on her face just below her eye. She developed a lump on her face which grew slowly over the past two years. It didn't just shrink, it disappeared. Her nose was beginning to show suspicious signs of the initial stages of cancer as well. It was scaly and filled with mucous. Her nose has completely cleared up too. Essiac tea was recommended by a woman who overheard me telling a friend about Molly's dire prognosis. She told me that her vet had prescribed essiac tea for her dog and it worked miraculously. Having almost lost all hope and not getting much encouragement from my vets, I decided to give your essiac a try. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and the makers of essiac tea.
Yours truly,

Fred Feldman
Head Men's/Women's Tennis Coach
Bard College

The tea has worked on my husband well. He has pancreatic cancer and it is the hard one to get rid of but it is working. I have sent you over a hundred people and more coming. I have given it to the cancer doctor and he is telling his patients about it now. All or most of the Indian reservation is getting the tea now plus others we have told and sent to you. You must have got a big run on the tea from those I have sent. I will have to order more soon. You can use my contact info, we are so very happy with this and that's why we told every one like I said. All of Pine Ridge is using your tea and some in Washington DC, and other places too.

Sharon Hembree
Sedan, KS
(620) 514-0354

I took it as a cleansing tonic. I got used to the taste very quickly and actually looked forward to my morning dose. I felt "healthier" after drinking it for two weeks and plan to order more soon.

Joanne M., Walkill, NY

My wife and I started drinking essiac tea on Feb 2, 2007. She had an advanced case of breast cancer, and we thought the tea would be able to attack and shrink/heal the tumors. She also had psoriasis on her forehead, arms and legs; and she had severe swelling of her hands and ankles due to arthritis. She was taking 4 oz of the tea 3 times a day. I was is good health and was taking one 4 oz glass a day. The tea did not produce a noticeable reduction of the tumors, but my wife's arthritis and her psoriasis cleared up in 3 months.

Allen, Napa CA

Dear Sirs,

I have used up the first essiac tea you sent and for the first three monthly shots my urologist gave me to block testosterone, my PSA went from 20 to 3. Please send me more essiac tea.

L. Smith, Vancouver WA