We are intrigued by the reports we get from customers taking essiac tea for diabetes...

We're starting to get reports of many customers and their experiences with essiac tea for diabetes. Interestingly enough, Nurse Rene Caisse noticed essiac's effect on her diabetic patients years ago.

Excerpts from Rene Caisse’s memoir:
“One of [my] cases had interested Dr. Denting particularly, since the patient, a middle-aged woman, was a diabetic as well as a cancer victim. Dr. J. A. McInnis of Timmins, Ontario, had asked me to treat this patient for him under his observation.

Not knowing what affect essiac would have on a patient taking Insulin, I didn't want to give essiac along with Insulin. So Dr. McInnis said he would discontinue the Insulin and I should give essiac for a time. If the diabetic condition worsened, he would go back to Insulin.

To our mutual surprise, the diabetic condition improved with the essiac, and continued to improve until there wasn't any diabetes at all!

The essiac treatments were discontinued after six months of weekly treatment. The patient continued in good health, with no trace of either cancer or diabetes.”

More on essiac tea for diabetes:

Dr. Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin, wanted to test Rene’s essiac formula after learning that one of her patients had not only been cured of her cancer, but of her insulin-dependent diabetes as well. Under essiac treatment, her cancerous bowel tumor had became larger and harder at first, although it soon softened, got smaller, and ultimately disappeared. The woman's diabetes also disappeared.

Dr. Frederick Banting

Dr. Banting thought the formula might have healed the pancreas as well, and thus had potential to treat diabetes. He wanted to test essiac in his lab, but he also wanted Nurse Caisse to close her clinic while these tests were run. She refused, feeling that there were too many people in need of her treatment, and the tests on essiac tea for diabetes never took place.

Essiac has been reported to lower blood sugar levels and minimize the need for medications for people that suffer from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Read an interesting article about one person’s experience with essiac and diabetes here:Vancouver Sun article

As always, do not begin to use essiac or discontinue any treatment you may be currently using for your diabetes or other ailments without first consulting your health practitioner or doctor.

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